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The 25th Department of Mass Communications Graduate Work Exhibition

Date 2011-05-16 7063 Clicks

A graduate work exhibition that displays the work of graduating TKU Department of Mass Communication students is currently being held at the Black Swan Exhibition Hall. The name of the exhibition is “Aimer”, which is a reference to the Chinese word “曖昧” (Ai Mei), meaning ‘Ambiguous’ or ‘Uncertain’. As the organizer of the exhibition, Chiu Chi-jie, explains, mass communications is currently poised in an era of ambiguity and uncertainty. Unlike in the past, when the required skills for mass communication students were clear and well-defined, today’s employers demand that such graduates possess a comprehensive skill set that integrates knowledge and know-how from a diverse range of technical fields. The 25th Annual Graduate Work Exhibition incorporates this sense of ‘ambiguity’ into the displayed items: “we’re equipped with a broad range of skills, which is what we’re trying to showcase in our graduate work”, remarked Chi-jie.

The graduate work itself is divided into three broad categories: ‘Audio-visual’, ‘Case Studies’, and ‘Marketing’. One of the films presented in the audio-visual category recently received an award for “outstanding feature film” in the first annual WOWtv Film Production Contest. In their film, entitled ‘Alien Grandpa’, they drew on skills from a number of technical fields, such as film production, visual painting, animation, and lyric and song composition. The director, He Binglun, said that “we filmed many of the scenes from the point of view of a child, to add a sense of imaginative wonder”.

The exhibition will continue until the 19th May, and on 21st May will be held at Eslite Bookstore’s Hsin Yi Branch.