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A Farewell to TKU Summer Volunteers

Date 2011-06-23 5548 Clicks

In summer this year, a vast legion of community volunteers from TKU societies and external service clubs will go out into the community to help those in need. A total of 260 teachers and students have formed 20 groups, who will head to rural areas around Taiwan to provide free service and care to the locals. The volunteers comprise largely of Tamkang University alumni associations and societies, as well as a melee of community groups including environmental teams, counseling service organizations, and the Union Dolphins work team. In addition, this year 24 Tamkang University students were selected by the Ministry of Education to represent Taiwan as international youth ambassadors. They will be sent to various countries in Central and South America, where they will learn about and serve the local communities.

To farewell the soon-to-be-departing students and teachers, a Flag Presentation Ceremony was held, in which the Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Ko Chih-en, encouraged the volunteer groups to keep in mind and pass on the Tamkang spirit of altruism.

This year, the Cambodia Volunteer Group, made up of Tamkang students, will for the fifth time head to Cambodia, where they will hold classes related to computer skills and the Chinese language. Lee Mei-lan, of the TKU Extracurricular Activities and Guidance Section, stated that “the students will do their best to pass on all they have learned to local Cambodian students”.