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The 2011 Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth

Date 2011-07-11 7247 Clicks

The Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission (OCAC) holds regular activities that encourage overseas Chinese students to learn Mandarin and better understand Taiwan’s unique customs and culture.

One such activity is the 2011 Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth, which is being jointly held by Tamkang University and will last for a total of six weeks. Its focal point lies in improving students’ proficiency in Mandarin. But that’s not all: they’ll learn about traditional arts and crafts and take “cultural classes” on Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, knot arts, paper arts, and how to spin a ‘diabolo’ (Chinese yoyo). During the calligraphy class, special guest teacher and calligraphy master, Chang Bing-huang, will demonstrate how to use TKU’s leading-edge e-calligraphy system.

The camp program will also comprise a number of Mandarin speaking and singing competitions, as well as daytrips to various cultural and sightseeing destinations. The students will travel to Pingxi Railway, the Northern Coastline; take a Monga cultural trip and daytrips to Central and South Taiwan.

Also worthy of mention are the 219 team leaders, who will guide the students throughout the camp. To become team leaders, they underwent a stringent screening process followed by three months of intensive training.