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Tamkang Freshmen Serving the Community

Date 2011-10-23 5805 Clicks

Each year, as part of the Tamsui International Environmental Arts Festival, Danshui citizens reenact a play known as the “Legend of Sino-French War”, which depicts a battle that broke out as France attacked China in 1884.

This year, 206 freshmen from TKU’s departments of English, Spanish, and Japanese served as volunteers during the reenactment of the Legend of Sino-French War. The students split up into seven groups, each of which helped to ensure that proceedings ran smoothly. The groups consisted of a guidance group, a general assistance group, a VIP media group, a traffic regulation group, to name just a few.

Zhan Yueling, a TKU freshman from the general assistance group, noted that “having the opportunity to guide underprivileged people to the site of the play was very rewarding”.