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Publicizing Jade Mountain's Bid for the World Stage

Date 2011-10-31 4977 Clicks

Recently, students from Tamkang University, Aletheia University, and St. John’s University gathered to promote a significant cause. The students are members of the “Vote for Jade Mtn Club", and have been busy raising awareness of Jade Mountain’s bid for the ‘7 natural wonders of the world’. On the 28th, they assembled in front of the Danshui MRT Station to urge local residents to cast an all-important vote.

Around four years ago, over 400 well-known sites from around the world were nominated to run in the “7 natural wonders of the world” competition. In 2007, the pool of 400 plus entrants was narrowed down to just 77 based on votes from the public. Then, in 2009, the competition judges ranked Jade Mountain among the final 28 competition entrants due to its spectacular natural ecosystem and cultural importance. From July last year, the competition entered its final stage of voting. However, the tally of votes for Jade Mountain was extremely low, as many people who had voted for Jade Mountain in preliminary ballots felt there was no need to vote again. In actual fact, in the final stage of the competition, the votes once again start from zero.

For this reason, Tamkang University has been rallying to help promote Jade Mountain. Led by the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chi-I Chang, and the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Kao Po-yuan, TKU has formed the “Vote for Jade Mtn Club”, which has filmed a number of related videos, created a “Vote for Jade Mtn” Facebook page, and even helped to host a major campus-based concert designed to arouse interest in Jade Mountain. One of the participants in the concert, fourth year student Wang Yong Hsun, said that “Japan’s Mt. Fuji was also voted out in the preliminary rounds. So now the only contending sites in Northeast Asia are Jade Mountain and Jeju Island in Korea. However, the whole of Korea is getting behind Jeju Island in the competition, and yet not many Taiwanese know about the vote. That’s why we are going out into the public to raise awareness".

For those who want to help Jade Mountain become one of the new 7 wonders of the world, please visit the site