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Intensive Training for Student Society Teaching Assistants

Date 2011-11-30 5136 Clicks

Starting from this year, TKU freshmen are required to take courses related to the operation and management of student clubs and societies. This initiative is the first of its kind among universities in Taiwan.

To ensure that the newly initiated courses run smoothly, Tamkang University has selected 40 students to serve as future Teaching Assistants (TA). These TAs possess extensive experience serving as leaders of TKU student societies, as well as enthusiasm and a passion for helping. Recently, these 40 students undertook an intensive training course designed to hone their skills as leaders. Extending for 40 hours over four full days, the course featured lectures, demonstrations, and interactive games by external experts devoted to the operation of student clubs.

One TKU participant, fourth year student Fang Ya-ling, commented: “I really experienced the benefit of participating in a student society while interning during the summer holidays. During my internship, I asked the human resource manager why companies care about whether or not applicants have taken part in student societies. He answered ‘the first impression student society members give people is that they are open-minded and good at interacting with others. Usually this attribute is very important in the workforce’”.