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TKU Alumni Listed in Forbes Magazine as Academic Hero

Date 2014-06-27 4009 Clicks

Alumni from the Department of Management Sciences, Hang-chien Hsu, has become known as a financial mastermind because of his ability to invest and save money while continually making generous contributions and donations. Because of his donation of 120,000,000 NT to Tamkang University, he is now listed as one of the Heroes of Asian academics in Forbes Magazine. The Magazine listed 48 persons responsible for the greatest academic contributions of Asia for 2013-14, recognizing four Taiwanese alumni. This great honor bestowed upon Hang-chien Hsu also illuminates the reputation of Tamkang University.

President Flora Chia-I Chang stated, “I'm so pleased to see that Hang-chien Hsu has been listed as one of the Asian Philanthropists in Forbes Magazine. I’m eternally grateful for all of the contributions made to the university over the years. Last year’s contribution will be a key component to the development of the Shou Chien International Conference Center.” President Chang finished by expressing that this contribution is not only a major benefit to TKU, but also displays the great care and change that can be made in society by giving.

Hang-chien Hsu stated, “Tamkang University has a great reputation in the business world. In recent years it has grasped even more attention because of its continually growing potential and prosperous development.”