“A Dialogue between Art and Technology”

DATE 2010/12/08 VISITORS 5659

At the Tamsui Campus on the evening of Dec. 6, art and science achieved a delightful fusion in a musical display put on by the TKU College of Science. The event was held at the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, and was a concert with the catchy title “A Dialogue between Art and Technology”. As part of the evening, College of Science faculty and students teamed up with students of other TKU colleges and used the piano, violin, harmonica, flute, and guitar to perform a number of musical pieces, including the theme music from the Japanese cartoon Spirited Away.

Among the talented line up of performers were the winner of the TKU Jinshao Music Award, Zhan Yu-ting, and a member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Eric Wang, whose violin solo dazzled and astonished the audience. There was also a magic show, in which 4th year science student, Zhu Geng-qing, performed a series of comical stunts and tricks to humor the crowd, bringing levity to the artistic event and filling the concert hall with laughter.

In attendance at the concert were various members of TKU faculty, including the TKU Vice President for International Affairs, Dr. Wan-chin Tai, former TKU Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Kan-nan Chen, and the Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Wang Bo-Cheng. Prof. Wang noted that as other colleges have not yet held such an event, the concert was a pioneering step toward musical appreciation at TKU. The purpose of the fun-filled evening was to enable students from each faculty of the College of Science to become better acquainted, and to help nurture an appreciation of art among science students, thus producing balanced, well-rounded science graduates.

At the end of the evening, TKU teachers were invited onstage. And as the ballad tribute “The Fruit of 60 Years” played in the background, the teachers danced and cheered, and capped off what was a memorable and thoroughly entertaining evening of art and science.