Tamkang triumphs at data management Olympics

DATE 2010/12/09 VISITORS 6138

At the beginning of this month, the Ministry of Education, the Industrial Development Bureau, and Google Inc. jointly held an event widely recognized as the Olympics of university-level data management: the 2010 University Information Service and Data Management Competition. Out of 76 participating universities and a total of 329 university teams, Tamkang’s Department of Information Management claimed a vast bundle of first placings and emerged from the competition as the team with the most wins.

Over the years, one of TKU’s guiding principles has been the promotion of information-oriented education. This consistent focus has bred an atmosphere of excellence in information service and management. One of the TKU teachers who supervised students before and during the event, Prof. Hsiao Jui-hsiang, said that “in the context of this annual competition, whether students win or not is not the point. Our target and responsibility as teachers is to help the students showcase the fruits of their four years of study, and to guide students to solve problems and apply their creativity".