TKU freshmen map out their community

DATE 2010/12/14 VISITORS 5942

Beginning this semester, TKU freshmen have been going into the community to make a difference. Their regular visits into the community have been part of a community learning scheme, implemented by Tamkang to help students gain even more social experience, to nurture in students a sense of responsibility and social awareness, and to blend academic learning with community giving.

One part of community learning involves drawing “green maps”. This means going into the community to map out unique cultural relics, areas of particular environmental value, and popular tourist sites. The Green Map Movement began in the U.S. and has now spread to over 50 countries and 600 cities worldwide. Tamkang has incorporated the Green Map concept to imbue in students the importance of getting to know and interacting with one’s local community, caring for the environment, and affecting sustainable development.

In the last several weeks, TKU freshmen have thus been entering the community to draw maps of local sites that mean something to them. The completed projects were displayed at an exhibition in the TKU Tamsui Campus from the 12th to the 14th of December. One of the maps charted the location of every local church and temple. Another portrayed the old-style, heritage-listed buildings in Tamsui; while yet another showed all of Tamsui’s parks and “green areas” from a bird’s eye view.

The activity has not only helped students form a bond with their beautiful surrounds, but has also allowed TKU freshmen the chance to appreciate Tamsui’s venerable history, its vibrant natural features, and its vivid, character-filled architecture.