The 2012 Student Club Fair

DATE 2012/09/14 VISITORS 5147

TKU has a wide variety of student clubs, including those in the area of arts and crafts, sports, volunteer and service, religion, social interaction, and music, as well as various student associations. In total, TKU has over 200 clubs, societies and associations. Over the past week, these clubs have been on display, setting up stalls in Poster Week, Tamsui Campus, as part of the 2012 Student Club Fair.

The fair is an annual TKU ritual, in which Tamkang clubs host fun activities to attract new freshmen and promote club events. The TKU Equestrian Club, for example, set up a stall which allowed passers-by to pat a real live horse and a foal.

After visiting some of the stalls, first year student, Lin Jing-kai, commented: "I really encourage new students to come and check out the stalls. Try to make most of your life at Tamkang".