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The Department of Electrical Engineering Shines in Robotics Competition

Date 2014-08-05 6813 Clicks

The day before yesterday the final match of the 7th Annual Robotic Smart Arm Competition took place at the Nangang Exhibition Center. Professors of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Ching-chong Wong and Chi-yi Tsai lead the Robotics Research Team and once again performed with flying colors. The team received four different awards, adding to a sum total of 800,000 NT in prize money. This year’s competition has brought great honor and recognition to TKU’s department of Electrical Engineering.

Team captain and doctoral student of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Jia-run Yu, expressed, “The Large Bumble MIT is a robotic arm that is constructed with 6 movable parts. It can extend to a range of 100 centimeters and can carry up to 3 kilograms. The completed design contains advanced configuration and power interface, circuit design, motion control, identification recognition, special software and various automatic functioning capabilities. In addition to the basic functions of the arm, it can also bend itself into any shape, making it extremely pliable for future tasks.

This year’s competition had many new challenges in addition to some of the tasks of last years event including, the dominos effect, machinery writing, hand and eye coordination, and batting a ping pong ball through a hole. Every challenge was designed to test the dexterity and intelligence of each of the competing robotic devices. The Yellow Bumble Bee MIT team included Yu-sheng Li, Han-sheng Zhang, Si-hao Lian, Zhe-cheng Liao, Xiang-lin You, Hong-deng Lai, Ren-jie Chen, Li-de Chen, Qiu-long Li, Yi-shen Ye, Qun-yang Hu, Wei-yi Wang, and Bo-ren Shi. To view the events from the competition, see the following links.