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Summer Science Camp at TKU

Date 2014-08-09 3108 Clicks

Over 200 students from middle school and high school participated in the three-day science camp held on Tamsui Campus. A student from Zheng De Junior High School, You Xuan, stated, “Because we had some much fun at the last science camp at Tamkang University, it is only natural that we sign up for it again this year. I’ve always had a heavy interest in biology and chemistry so there really was no question that I wanted to participate in this event.”

The three-day camp was divided into three sections including math, biology and chemistry. The camp utilized lectures, experiments and innovative games as methods of helping to educate the young students. The students were also able to perform skits utilizing their newly obtained knowledge to help them grab a more complete understanding of the fundamentals. Dean of the College of Science, Bo-cheng Wang, stated, “This science camp is a promotion of science and math related activities that will stimulate the interest of younger students. It helps the students develop in areas of observation, logic and life exploration. It will surely help them in the future with their studies related to such courses.”

Executive director of the event and third-year student of the Department of Biology, Li-ying Chen, stated, “In the afternoon of the first day of the science camp, we introduced students to a role playing game with different levels and challenges to develop their skills. It was very successful in involving all of the students and I believe it will have a lasting impact on their interest in science. We’ve done our best to develop every detail of each activity in order to deliver a complete concept to the students. Our goal is to get them to embrace scientific ideals and stimulate their creativity. In the future I believe they will all be able to make a great contribution to the world of science.”