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TKU Participates in International Joint Program that Took Place in Japan

Date 2014-09-05 4380 Clicks

Tamkang University’s Intelligent Automation and Robotics Center held a three-day International Joint Program in Japan with Tohoku University and Sendai National College of Technology. This short-term summer project represented the first time these universities have officially cooperated for an academic exchange. In order to give the participating students an opportunity to work their communication skills on an international level, the entire activity was held using English language.

The theme of the event was the Implementation for Robotic Systems with Wireless Chargers and TKU provided a technical skills course using Lego Mindstorms NXT while Sendai National College of Technology and Tohoku University provided courses instructing the system of wireless chargers, robotics and antennas. All of the students were put into different groups made up of all the universities, giving them a chance to cooperate and develop their international communication skills.

For this event the students worked together to realize 6 different types of wireless chargers and on the final day of the event, the results were posted for everyone to learn and share. During each of the courses the students were able to enhance their technical skills pertaining to both robotics as well as English language. They were also able to establish valuable relationships for their future careers. Ching-chang Wong stated, “For this event we were limited in funding so we had to operate this exchange on a smaller scale, but I’m sure in the future we will be able to have even more opportunities to allow the students to have this type of invaluable international interaction.