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TKU Climbs Ke Nan Hill to Start the Semester

Date 2014-09-11 11088 Clicks

For the past two weeks freshmen students have been enrolling into academic institutions all over the nation, keeping university administration and staff extra busy. Along with the beginning of the first semester comes many ceremonies, assemblies and activities. Tamkang University held the “Ke Nan Hill Climb”, which took place on September 11th and 12th. This is a opening semester event that is unique to Tamkang University lead by President Flora Chia-I Chang, Vice Presidents, professors and administrators as the newly enrolled freshmen climbed 132 steps to welcome the new semester.

This structure was built in 1953 in the Five Tiger Hills and it was originally the only path that connected the campus to the main road. Before there was a bus system in place, all of the students and staff had to make this steep climb to begin classes. It was also a path often used to help TKU faculty with physical training, running and exercises. This stairway has been used for the cultivation of strength and spirit for many years and at the beginning of each semester it is fitting to hold this assembly that represents dedication and commitment. During the climb, the new students were taught about TKU’s educational concepts of the Three Circles (professional curriculum, core curriculum and extracurricular curriculum) and the Five Disciplines (Conduct, Intelligence, Physical Education, Teamwork and Beauty).

Dean of Student Affairs, Chih-en Ko, stated that for the month of August they already held the parent teacher discussion, dormitory tours and many department activities. For the start of the new semester they are holding the opening semester assembly, beginning study lectures and the student clubs exhibition. Everyone continued to climb the stairs with a blend of expressions of both joy and pain as their legs ached from climbing the massive structure. The new semester has begun and once again TKU is making its academic climb.