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TKU Clubs Embark on Summer Volunteer Programs

Date 2016-07-07 2559 Clicks

TKU’s ‘Three Circles and Five Disciplines’ of education is realized through a three-fold curriculum of professional courses, general courses, and extracurricular activities, the latter of which allows students to learn, provide services, and build expertise by partaking in practical activities that benefit the community, both locally and internationally. This is why Tamkang University places such a strong emphasis on extracurricular club and society activities.

In the summer holidays of 2016, 17 TKU clubs and societies - a total of 260 students - took part in summer vacation social service volunteer work, including the TKU Fencing Club, which visited a local elementary school to teach children how to fence and promote the importance of exercise.

The 17 TKU clubs went to various rural and remote regions of Taiwan, as well as overseas, bringing with them warmth, a dedication to service, and a passion for learning. Chun-Hung Lin, the TKU Dean of Academic Affairs, noted that the number of TKU clubs participating in the summer volunteer work grows each year, which adds to the vitality of Tamkang’s extracurricular curriculum. “I’m so touched by their dedication and commitment!” he stated.