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The Wind Engineering Exhibition in Taipei

Date 2016-07-13 3560 Clicks

In the movie classic Armour of God II: Operation Condor, a young Jacky Chan swirls around in an aviation wind tunnel, while at the same time bravely restraining two bad guys. Last year, Typhoon Soudelor buffeted the Taipei Dome Complex, ripped off its rooftop, and left its interior exposed. Two nearby mailboxes were struck by shop signs and bent sideways. The power of wind to affect our lives is alarming.

This year, typhoon season has already begun. With a skyline marked heavily by tall buildings, Taiwan relies heavily on wind tunnel experimentation to ensure the safety of these skyscrapers. To help further promote research in this essential area, on July 16 and 17 at the Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei, a Wind Engineering Exhibition was held jointly by TKU's Wind Engineering Center, along with Cheetah Industrial Aero Dyna Ltd and the Chinese Taiwan Association for Wind Engineering.

The purpose of the exhibition was to introduce and explain recent experiments made in the field, to promote sharing of information and expertise among local engineers and architects, and to increase the general public's knowledge in this technical field of expertise.