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The 2016 TKU Overseas Internship Program

Date 2016-08-23 6638 Clicks

Traditionally, overseas internship programs have emphasized the need for students to gain practical part-time work experience. However, the internship program established by the TKU Department of Diplomacy and International Relations is different. Held this year from July 24-Aug 22, the course placed an onus instead on helping students train and develop professional work skills.

The internship program was held in Prague, Czech Republic, and entailed practical training and work experience designed to provide students with real-world opportunities to put theoretical knowledge into practice. As part of the program, students participated in discussion-style classes, attended lectures, delivered presentations, and visited various local enterprises.

Cheng Chieh Yun, a student who took part in the internship program, said that she learned a lot from the event. Not only was she immersed in the beauty of Prague, with its myriad cultural and historical attractions, but she also gained practical training and experience in the area of international diplomacy.