The TKU Foreign Languages Summer Camp

DATE 2016/08/30 VISITORS 3590

From Aug 23-25, a summer camp was held at TKU's Tamsui Campus. The original blueprint for the camp was devised by the Ministry of Education, which then authorized a handful of colleges around Taiwan to organize the camps. One of these colleges was TKU's College of Foreign Languages and Literature.

Over 80 students from several universities in northern Taiwan took part in the camp, and were divided into four separate groups based on their language preferences - Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. The chief organizer of the camp and College Dean, Dr. Lucia Chen, commented: a foreign language is like a key; it opens doors internationally, allowing students access to various lucrative careers, in the fields of diplomacy, business, and so on.

During the camp, students not only attended language classes, but also tried their hands at various fun activities. The TKU Department of Spanish, for example, organized a rumba dancing activity, and, during class, held a "Flamingo Dance Party". The Department of French, for their part, guided students on a tour of Tamsui "Old Street" and Fort San Domingo, where students practiced using French to introduce the various famous sights and scenes of Tamsui.