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International Poetry Festival @ Tamsui

Date 2016-09-02 4147 Clicks

To celebrate this year's 66th Anniversary, TKU teamed up with a handful of local organizations to host the International Poetry Forum @ Tamkang. The forum was part of the 2016 Formosa International Poetry Festival @ Tamsui, and was jointly organized by the TKU College of Liberal Arts, the TKU College of Languages and Literature, the Tamsui Cultural Foundation, and the Movimiento Poetas del Mundo (PPdM). Held on Sep 2 at the TKU Tamsui Campus, the poetry festival kicked off with an opening ceremony and the aforementioned poetry forum.

This year's poetry festival takes the theme of "poetry on land and at sea". It consists of various activities to be held over the coming month, many of which will take place near the picturesque Tamsui River.

Over 30 local and overseas poets, as well as more than 100 poetry aficionados attended the opening ceremony, held on the morning of Sep 2 at the TKU Chueh Sheng International Conference Hall. Opening remarks were delivered by the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, the Chairman of the Tamsui Cultural Foundation, Hsu Hui-Ming, the Chief Planner of the Poetry Festival, Dr. Lee Kuei-shien, and the Dean of the TKU College of Languages and Literature, Dr. Lucia Chen.