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The TKU World Alumni 2016 Dongguan Convention

Date 2016-08-31 3079 Clicks

On Aug 27, the TKU Alumni 2016 Convention was held in the Kande International Hotel, Dongguan, China. In attendance were the TKU President, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, former TKU Presidents Javier Yea-hong Chen, Louis R.Y. Chao, Yun-Shan Lin, and Horng-Jinh Chang, along with the TKU Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, the Vice-President for International Affairs, Dr. Wan-chin Tai, as well as several other senior TKU staff.

The biennial event draws alumni from various countries, including America, China, Taiwan, Canada, Paraguay, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, with a total of over 500 alumni pouring into the Kande International Hotel to celebrate.

The TKU World Alumni Association was set up to allow Tamkang alumni assist in the growth and development of their alma mater. The Association enables alumni from various parts of the world to keep in close contact, and work together to advance Tamkang University on the international stage. Every two years, the Association holds a convention, where people from across the globe gather to recognize and strengthen the common bond that holds them all together.

This year's convention was held at Dongguan, in China's Guangdong Province, and included various fun activities, including a forum, various speeches, and an evening banquet, which featured several instrumental and dance performances.