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A Tri-School Leadership Seminar

Date 2016-09-13 3707 Clicks

As the world becomes more like a ‘global village’ by the day, interaction and exchange between members of different communities is becoming more frequent. To solve many of the social issues we currently face, international cooperation is required. Thus, from Aug 8-28, 2016, the 2016 Asian Community Leadership Seminar was jointly held by Tamkang University, in collaboration with Ritsumeikan University, Japan, and Kyong Hee University, Korea.

The group of ten TKU students who took part in the Leadership Seminar was led by the TKU Vice-President for International Affairs, Dr. Wan-chin Tai. As part of the seminar, the students visited three universities in three countries over approximately three weeks. The first leg of the trip was Ritsumeikan University, Japan, where students stayed from Aug 8-12. From Aug 15-19, they stayed at Korea's Kyong Hee University, and the Aug 21-28 phase was held at Tamkang University. A total of 26 students (including students from the other two universities) took part.