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A Unique Collaboration between TKU and Solunet

Date 2016-09-23 4057 Clicks

Recently, when President Tsai was speaking of the benefits accrued from being part of the ASEAN alliance, she expressed her hope for wider collaboration with member nations in areas such as academia-industry collaboration, the training of skilled workers, agricultural development, and new sources of energy. In the future, she noted, Taiwan should draw on its experience in the areas medicine, education, technology, agriculture, and small and medium enterprise management to push for bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

This sentiment of closer collaboration was reflected in a recent joint effort between Tamkang University and Solunet Inc, a large Malaysian company. The TKU Information Center for Water Environment have developed a unique alarm system to help forecast floods and water-based disasters, which plague the coastal regions of Malaysia. The collaborative effort was the first of its kind, which saw an overseas entity bankroll local Taiwanese experts to craft a water disaster prevention system.

The Director of the TKU Information Center for Water Environment, Dr. Li-chiu Chang, said that in order to promote further research on water resources and the environment, in the 2015-16 academic year Tamkang University established the Center under the auspices of the TKU Office of Research and Development.