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High Table Dinner at Lanyang Campus

Date 2016-10-27 3820 Clicks

Two core features of the TKU Lanyang Campus are its dormitory-style construction, in which all students, faculty, and staff live in the confines of the campus, and its focus on international development and the nurturing of well-rounded, knowledgeable students.

Each year, to create a sense of community closeness and mutual respect, administrators on the Lanyang Campus hold an event called the "High Table Dinner", a forum for students and teachers to bond over dinner, which allows new students - freshmen in particular - to voice their thoughts and provide feedback on their studies and the overall campus lifestyle. In turn, teachers have the chance to provide suggestions and advice to new students, providing guidance to get the most out of their tertiary study.

This year's High Table Dinner was held at 6:30pm on Oct 25, and included a raft of fun activities.