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Turning Toward a New Phase of Innovation

Date 2016-10-29 4121 Clicks

In response to intense tertiary level competition brought on by a falling birth rate and thus lowered student enrolment, governments and tertiary institutions both locally and internationally have tried to alleviate the impact of such trends by implementing administrative changes and striving to innovate and push forward with creativity.

In each of the major TKU meetings, symposiums, and conferences, the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, has urged each Tamkang department and college to continue pursuing the university development plan of creativity and innovation, while also being even more pro-active when it comes to the TKU Triple Objectives of Internationalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future-oriented Education. With this direction, President Chang believes TKU will maintain its position as one of the leading academic tertiary institutions in Taiwan, despite heavy competition from a group of universities that are constantly plying forward and improving.

With this as a backdrop, on Saturday, Oct 29, TKU a day-long conference called "Changing Toward Innovation; Creating a New Way of Learning". The event was attended by President Chang, along with the three TKU vice presidents, and senior staff from each of TKU's colleges, departments, and administrative divisions.