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A Week-long International Exhibition at Tamkang

Date 2016-10-31 3765 Clicks

The TKU College of International Studies offers a unique curriculum that draws students from various countries. To showcase the special features of each of its departments and exhibit the fruits of years of high-level instruction and research, the College last week held a week-long College of International Studies Exhibition.

The exhibition brought together a diverse range of fun activities, with interactive stalls providing knowledge, entertainment, and objects and food from various countries and regions around the world. Organizers also set up an air gun shooting range, to allow participants the change to test their accuracy.

The event kicked off with an opening ceremony featuring the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, as well as the Vice-President of International Affairs, Dr. Tai-wan Chin, and numerous deans and chairs of TKU colleges and departments. The week-long event also attracted a handful of international dignitaries, including the Paraguayan diplomat to the ROC, Mr. Marcial Bobadilla Guillén.