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A Forum on the Future of IT

Date 2016-11-15 3086 Clicks

Information technology progresses at a startling speed: from the huge and clunky computer processors of the past, to the subsequent personal computers, and the current age of iPads and smart phones. Looking to the future, the nascent era of the Internet of Things promises to change our lives even more.

On Oct 27 and Oct 28, The TKU Department of Computer Science and Information and the TKU Department of Innovative Information and Technology held the 2016 Future Forecast Forum at the Tamsui Campus (Oct 27) and the Lanyang Campus (Oct 28) respectively. Present at the forum were around 200 scholars and experts in the field of information technology in academia.

During the Forum, attendees shared their views on the future development of information technology, as well as their vision for potential growth in this field, which touched on various topics, including the IoT, robots, and big data.