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The Cambodia Volunteer Service Exhibition

Date 2016-12-08 3725 Clicks

Eight years is a considerable period of time. In eight years, a new-born baby has already grown into an elementary school student; a high school student has already matured into a fully-fledged member of society.

For the past eight years, without exception, a group of enthusiastic TKU students have flown to Cambodia, to serve as local volunteers, teaching and mentoring Cambodian children in the hope that these children will gain the skills necessary for success. Over several days, the TKU volunteer service group teaches students Chinese language and technical computer skills, as well as interacting and creating bonds with the local kids.

To share their experiences, the group this week is holding a Cambodia Volunteer Service Exhibition at the Black Swan Memorial Hall, Tamsui Campus. Chen Rih-E, the Section Chief of the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, said that “the Cambodia Volunteer Service Group was established based on the TKU triple objectives of ‘Globalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future-oriented Education’.