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A New Webcam Program to Help Students in Remote Areas

Date 2016-12-02 4474 Clicks

The TKU Department of Diplomacy and International Relations has set up a new course, named the Professional Knowledge Service Learning Program. The program is designed to complement the Ministry of Education's newly launched program ‘Today's Youth – Changing the World’, and aims to expand the horizons of participating high school students, to instil in these students the belief that they can make a global difference, and to use the latest technology to bridge the educational resource gap between city and remote rural areas.

As part of the course, students from the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations will use webcam technology to interact with students from National Jhuo-Lar Experimental Senior High School, and provide this group of high school students with the chance to practice and improve their English.

Cheng Chin-Mo, a TKU associate professor, noted that when he previously visited the participating high school, located in remote Miaoli County, he found the students had good basic English conversation, and thus were suited to this new English-learning program.