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The College of Foreign Languages and Literatures Celebrates Christmas Early

Date 2016-12-23 3731 Clicks

On Dec 22, 2016, The TKU College of Foreign Languages and Literature celebrated Christmas with a range of festive activities. During this year's event, Santa Claus appeared and handed out candy to participants, and the Dean of the College, Lucia Chen, made a special entrance dressed as a Christmas princess. There was also singing and dancing, as teachers and students alike switched between six languages to interact and celebrate the season. The President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, along with deans and directors from various Tamkang colleges, joined in the festivities.

During her opening speech, President Chang said that as she and the Dean of Academic Affairs, Cheng Tung-Wen, were making their way to the Christmas party, they came across a very enthusiastic master's student. The student told the president that he had already taken courses from six separate master's programs, and that, because he enjoys studying at TKU so much, he soon plans to enrol in a PhD program. She concluded her anecdote by noting "with excellent students like this, TKU's graduate institutions have a bright future!", eliciting laughter and applause from the partygoers in attendance.

The event included a Christmas lunch, which featured foods from various cultures, as well as cocktails, musical performances, and fun-filled Christmas games. Lucia Chen, the Dean of the College of Languages and Literature, stated that "as Christmas draws closer, the air of festivity grows more palpable by the day." She hopes that students embrace the warmth of Christmas with a sense of joy.