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Sega Visits TKU

Date 2016-12-30 4623 Clicks

On Dec 29, the TKU Graduate Institute of Futures Studies invited the founder of a notable online gaming website ( to deliver a speech on the topic "PC Gaming is not just PC gaming: my past future". The Graduate Institute of Futures Studies has closely followed the progression and rise in popularity of a culture known commonly as Otaku (a generalized Japanese term that can refer to fans of anime/manga, or fans of video games/gaming culture). Indeed, prior to this recent lecture, the Institute also previously held the 5th Otaku International Symposium in October 2016.

The website has been in operation for two decades. It was the first social media website established in Taiwan to cater specifically for PC gamers. At present, website members exceed 250,000, and, according to Alexa - which is a subsidiary of - the website is ranked among the top ten largest websites in Taiwan.

The story of the founder of (his name is Sega), is an inspirational tale of a young Taiwanese gamer who followed his passion and became the CEO of a PC gaming empire. Thus, the Graduate Institute of Futres Studies invited Sega to speak at Tamkang to share this intriguing journey, the bitter-sweet experience of chasing one's dreams.

At the end of the speech, Sega concluded by reminding participants that life is not always like a marathon. Marathons tend to be fixed in length and take set or pre-arranged paths, most of them being linear running tracks where you continually move forward in the one direction. Life, on the other hand, can lead you in multiple directions. The key is to pursue your passions and be clear about the direction in which you are heading.

At the end of the speech, Sega stayed behind to answer students' questions and interact with participants.