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TKU and the JCAE Symposium 2017

Date 2017-01-09 4084 Clicks

On January 4-6 at the TKU Taipei Campus, the Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics Doctoral Consortium and Symposium 2017 was held. The event was organized jointly by the TKU Department of Accounting and the Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics (JCAE), which is rated as an "A" grade journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ROC.

The Symposium was attended by 120 scholars and researchers from various countries and regions, including America, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Mainland China, and Hong Kong. Also in attendance was the President of TKU, Flora Chia-I Chang, who delivered the opening speech. Moreover, the Dean of the TKU College of Business and Management, Dr. Chiu Chien-Liang, gave a speech at the Symposium welcome dinner, in which he greeted and thanked participants from each country for their attendance.

Yen, Sin-hui, the Chairman of the TKU Department of Accounting, said that the Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics is an international accounting and economics publication established jointly by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Deakin University, and the University of Technology, Sydney. The JCAE focuses heavily on research issues related to Asian countries, and holds a symposium annually in various countries around Asia; a once-a-year event which draws the full attention of accounting scholars worldwide.

This year's Symposium attracted scholars from a total of 16 countries and regions around the world, featured presentations of over 50 separate dissertations, and was attended by distinguished members of the Taiwanese finance sector and scholars from prestigious local universities.