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TKU Holds a Strategic Foresight Training Workshop for Senior Executives

Date 2017-01-05 5038 Clicks

On December 29 and 30, the TKU Center for Future Intelligence and Research (C-FAR) held a Strategic Foresight Training Workshop for senior executives from Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation, a major Taiwanese high-tech chemical company. The Workshop was designed to help senior executives from Everlight Chemical glance into their company's future, and foresee possible future trends that may affect company growth in the coming decade. During the two-day event, the Director of C-FAR, Dr. Mei Mei Song, instructed attendees on the six pillars of future thinking, and invited the senior executives to envision an even greater future for their company.

To help attendees better deal with an ever-changing world, the event placed a focus on long-term planning and construction of a future vision. The company chairperson, James Chen, marvelled at the concept of futures studies: "A while back, I saw that China had created economic blueprints for 2025 and couldn't fathom why they would try to think so far ahead into the future. But after meeting Dr. Mei Mei Song, I realized that the methods used in futures studies are very valuable."