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Voted Enterprise Favorite 20 Years in a Row

Date 2017-02-10 9430 Clicks

Cheers Magazine recently released its annual list of top Taiwanese universities. The list is a compilation of universities, ranked in order, based on the stated preferences of local enterprises in hiring university graduates. Before producing the list, Cheers goes about interviewing and surveying leaders and human resource personnel from 2,000 enterprises in Taiwan.

This year, for the 20th year in a row, Tamkang University was ranked number one among Taiwanese private universities, which marks two full decades as the most favoured university for graduates among local Taiwanese enterprises, according to Cheers Magazine. TKU came in ninth spot overall, if you include both national and private universities.

Among the characteristics inquired about in the survey, TKU ranked 4th nationally in the category ‘new graduates' work performance exceeded enterprises' expectations’. In seven other such categories, such as ‘possessing an international outlook and foreign language ability’, for example, TKU graduates placed first among all private universities in Taiwan.