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The Cross-Strait Culture and Creativity Forum

Date 2017-05-26 4235 Clicks

The TKU College of Liberal Arts along with Fujian Normal University jointly held a two-day Cross-Strait Culture and Creative Arts Forum on May 25 and 26. Held at the TKU Chueh-Sheng International Conference Hall, the Forum was based on the theme "The Landscape of Cross-Strait Culture and Creativity".

During the Forum, apart from discussing the current direction of Cross-Strait culture and creativity, attendees also examined the study results and achievements of the new Fujian-Taiwan Study Course, which is a joint collaboration between the two universities.

The opening ceremony of the Forum was held at 8:40 on the morning of May 25, and was attended by various senior-level TKU staff, including the Vice-President for International Affairs, Dr. Wan-Chin Tai.