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CEMA Visits Successful Companies in Thailand

Date 2017-06-02 7684 Clicks

From May 23-27, the Chinese Excellent Management Association (CEMA) held the 2017 Thai Excellent Management Conference. The President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, who is also the President of CEMA, led a group of Taiwanese delegates to attend the conference, with delegates coming from various Taiwanese institutes and corporations, including E Sun Bank and Yuan Ze University.

The purpose of the visit was to observe and learn from successful organizations with outstanding quality management procedures in place. The delegation visited a number of innovative businesses during their visit, including several banks, hospitals, and museums. Also part of the tour was a gathering with the TKU alumni association in Thailand.

The Secretary General of TKU, Dr. Ho,Chii-Dong, stated that the Chinese Excellent Management Association consists of various distinguished members, including recipients of the National Quality Management Award.