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The Class of 2017 Graduates from TKU

Date 2017-06-10 5260 Clicks

At 10 am on June 10, 2017, the TKU graduation ceremony for 2016-17 academic year kicked off at the Shao-Mo Memorial Gymnasium, Tamsui Campus. In attendance were graduating TKU students and their families, as well as the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, along with various dignitaries from Taiwan and overseas, including the President of the TKU World Alumni Association, Ding-chuan Chen, TKU Board of Trustees member, Lin Chia-Cheng, and the Marshall Islands Ambassador to the ROC, Frederick Muller.

During the ceremony, Li Jia-Hang, a student from Mainland China delivered remarks on behalf of all graduating students, in which he quoted from a famous Taiwanese rock and roll band, Mayday, to wish his fellow students a bright future and offer his hope that each and every student will find their true life purpose.

Given TKU's focus on future studies, President Chang, in her speech at the graduation ceremony, encouraged students to pursue research in cutting-edge technology and fields of study that display vast potential for the future, such as robotic automation, internet safety, and big data, and to explore significant issues and questions, such as how to use artificial intelligence to solve challenges related to public health and the need to find alternative energy sources.

The ceremony finished with a celebration of the students' time at Tamkang, as teary-eyed graduates huddled together to sing the TKU college song for perhaps the last time.