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Showcasing the Beauty of Bamboo

Date 2017-06-13 6815 Clicks

For many years, bamboo has served as a source of inspiration for Taiwanese architects and designers. As well as being easy to prepare, bamboo is also low-cost and environmentally-friendly, and therefore has various applications, including being used as building material for homes, in lookout points at scenic spots, a common material in interior home designs, and often fashioned into handicrafts or used to make everyday necessities.

To promote green building materials, the TKU Department of Architecture recently opened a bamboo-themed exhibition located at the well-known tourist site, the "Customs Wharf", in Tamsui.

As part of the exhibition, students helped to mold strips of bamboo into numerous shapes and designs, including a moon, a globe, a flower, a fish basket, and a series of wave formations. The aquatic theme behind the designs correlates to the exhibition's surrounds, which includes a river and a wharf.

The Chair of the TKU Department of Architecture, Dr. Mii, Fu-Kuo, explained that, before creating this artistic space by the river, the department first examined and took close note of the handiwork and culture of bamboo constructions internationally, and particularly in Southeast Asia.

The exhibition will run for three months.