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A New Book: My Year as a Junior in Taiwan

Date 2017-06-22 5368 Clicks

In the 2016-17 academic year, 49 students from Fujian University, Mainland China, attended Tamkang University as part of a unique collaboration between the two universities, which has seen the implementation of the Fujian and Taiwan Culture and Creative Study Program.

While at Tamkang, this group of Mainland Chinese students gained a better grasp on the culture and creative industry, as well as experiencing life in Taiwan firsthand. The students compiled their year-long stay in Taiwan into a book, entitled "My Year as a Junior Studying in Taiwan", which was then published.

Sinn-Cheng Lin, the Dean of the TKU College of Liberal Arts, noted that the College is actively promoting study programs in the culture and creative industry and in various fields encompassed in the culture and creative industry.