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Dr. Clement Chang, the Founder of TKU, Dies at Age 90

Date 2018-06-25 5126 Clicks

At 10:01 am on May 26, Dr. Clement Chang, the Founder of Tamkang University, passed away. He was 90 years old. During his life, Dr. Chang contributed extensively to society and to his country, serving as the Deputy-Speaker of Taipei City Council from 1969-1989 and subsequently being appointed Minister of Transportation and Communications, as well as working in various other senior-level government positions.

Despite having worked in positions of political power, his true passion lay in the field of education, as he hoped to help the community and give back to society in the form of education. He was an educator and a philanthropist.

News of his passing was met with extreme sadness by TKU faculty and staff, many of whom attended Dr. Chang's funeral. The funeral was held on June 21, and was also attended by a number of Taiwanese dignitaries, including the former president of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jiu.