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The 2017-18 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony

Date 2018-06-16 5625 Clicks

The 2017-18 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony kicked off at 10 am, June 16, at the TKU Tamsui Campus. The ceremony commenced with opening remarks by two graduating students, Tsai Yu-xuan and Wang Bo-yao, who represented all students in attendance at the ceremony. They wished for graduating students to go out into the world with confidence, to have robust friendships, to apply their knowledge, and to move forward with courage and create a life worth remembering.

Activities held on graduation day included a final lap of the campus, which is a TKU custom for all graduating students. During the lap, students are accompanied by faculty as they walk past various sites and buildings that have been home to them for the last four years.

Several senior TKU faculty attended the ceremony, as did the Tuvalu Ambassador to the ROC, Limasene Teatu, and representatives from the Marshall Islands (Anjanette Kattil) and Honduras (Jose Victor Lozano).

This year's graduation ceremony featured a special guest speaker – a former TKU student and the current Managing Director of Yahoo Taiwan, Erika Wang. Wang's speech focused on the topic "A letter to yourself at 30". In her speech, she asked students to imagine themselves at the age of thirty. 'What would you be like?' she inquired. She also left the students with a message, exhorting them to keep in mind the following six principles: 1) Try to always remain kind and be upstanding. 2) Be punctual, be punctual, be punctual! If you keep your promises, you will gain people's respect. 3) Develop the ability to think critically; don't just be part of the herd. 4) Develop the habit of learning throughout your life. 5) Have the ability to help people without needing something in return. 6) Cultivate an optimistic outlook, and be able to support and cheer for yourself.

A total of 6,107 college students graduated this year, as well as 890 master's students, and 21 PhD students. Among these graduating students were 562 Cross-Strait or international students from 54 countries.