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Making Dreams Come True - 648 Students Depart for Overseas Study

Date 2018-07-03 6996 Clicks

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to embrace diversity in a completely new environment? Are you ready for challenges you may never have faced before? While most students are still pondering these questions, a group of 648 TKU students have already left the cosy confines of their comfort zones to go study overseas.

To bid this group of students farewell in style, the 2018-19 TKU Study Abroad Ceremony was recently held at Tamkang University's Tamsui campus. Third year student, Chian You-yu, who returned from a year abroad on student exchange, asserted: "Every experience you have, no matter what the outcome, will add to your knowledge and maturity. In good times, be happy; during adversity, build your strength and durability. We can't know in advance how to overcome our challenges, but what we can be certain of is that we will in the end find a solution."

In attendance at the ceremony were Dr. Wan-Chin Tai, the TKU Vice President for International Affairs, and Dr. Pei-Wha Chi Lee, the Dean of International Affairs.