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When Heritage Sites and Community Innovation Converge

Date 2018-07-12 5622 Clicks

Historical areas and old streets in Taiwan are often criticized as being overly commercialized, or of offering a lack of variety in the types of wares being sold. They are viewed as lacking character. In order to preserve the character of such places and maintain their heritage and history, the Tamkang University Department of Architecture and the University Social Responsibility (USR) Office launched ‘The Restoration Street Workshop’. As part of the Workshop, students will work to restore, maintain, and protect the numerous cultural and heritage spots located in Tamsui.

On July 12 TKU held a presentation ceremony to showcase some proposals for restoring and conserving such sites. Huang Rui-mao, an associate professor from the TKU Department of Architecture, noted that Tamsui is a thriving tourist destination and that behind Tamsui's success is a group of passionate residents who have been devoted to conserving the local cultural sites for many years.