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TKU Ranks First Among Private Universities in Taiwan

Date 2018-08-14 20579 Clicks

In the recently released Webometrics Rankings of World Universities (WRWU) for July 2018, Tamkang University ranked 633rd in the world and 124th in Asia. It placed 10th among all Taiwanese universities, and 1st among private universities in particular.

The rankings are released twice a year, in Jan and July. The objective of the rankings is to encourage universities and research centers around the world to enhance their global image when it comes to online journals, scientific research findings, and general research activities. Unlike other rankings, the WRWU takes into account the number of references a university receives via online search engines and digital scholarly databases, such as Google, Google Scholar, Yahoo, Live Search, and Alexa.

In the subcategories of the rankings, TKU placed as follows: presence 5% (ranked 233); impact / visibility 50% (ranked 242); openness / transparency 10% (ranked 977); and excellence / scholar 35% (ranked 1,333).

A total of 20 Taiwanese universities were listed among the top thousand universities in the July rankings. These included: National Taiwan University (94); National Chiao Tung University (254); Tsinghua University (278); Cheng Kung University (287); National Central University (467); National Sun Yat Sen University (473); National Yang-Ming University (513); Taiwan Normal University (618); National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (620); as well as Tamkang University (633), which placed 10th overall in Taiwan, but headed the list of Taiwanese private universities.