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Induction Ceremony for the TKU President and Department Chairs

Date 2018-08-01 11564 Clicks

At 10am on August 1, Tamkang University held a ceremony to induct the new president of Tamkang University, as well as a slew of new department chairs and managers. The announcement of the soon-to-be TKU president was made during the ceremony by the Tamkang University Chairperson, Chang Shi-yi, and was formalized as Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, the current president, passed a sealed envelope to Dr. Keh Huan-chao, the future president. The passing of the sealed envelope is a symbolic ritual akin to passing on the baton. Dr. Keh, who served as the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, is set to become TKU's 12th university president.

The ceremony was attended by esteemed members of the Tamkang community, including the former TKU President and current Chair of the Retired Tamkang Faculty Association, Dr. Lin Yun-shan, who awarded President Chang a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the entire TKU faculty and staff.

This was followed by a speech made by President Chang. In her speech, she thanked the faculty and staff for their hard work and dedication throughout her 14-year tenure, and expressed her wishes and hopes for the incoming President Keh. She also took the chance to stress the importance of TKU's core values, principles such as the "Three Circles and Five Disciplines of Education" and the importance of quality management.

A total of 37 first and second-tier managers will be leaving Tamkang, their positions replaced by new personnel. This is the largest change to the human resource landscape in one single academic year ever. The list of managers and senior-level faculty to soon be retiring or vacating their position include the TKU Vice-President for International Affairs, Dr. Wan-Chin Tai, the Dean of Physical Education, Dr. Hsiao, Shu-Fen, and the Director of the Alumni Services and Resource Development, Perng Chun-young.


Induction Ceremony for the TKU President and Department Chairs