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TKU Embarks on Cross-College Collaboration to Benefit Local Communities

Date 2018-10-05 4579 Clicks

In 2018 Tamkang University received subsidies from the Ministry of Education to help launch the University Social Responsibility (USR) project. Under the project, instructors and students work hand in hand to help develop local communities and solve difficult community problems in the hope of creating an even brighter future.

On Oct 3, 2018, Tamkang University held the second USR event of the year. This recent event represented an intercollegiate collaboration between TKU, Feng Chia University, and National Chi Nan University, and took the theme "Creating Common Glory; Benchmarking for Better Results". Participants included two teams from other universities: one from Feng Chia University, led by Assistant Professor Chao-Fu Yeh; the other from Chi Nan University, led by Professor Chen Ku-Fan. As part of the USR project, the team from Feng Chia University has set up a mobile support system for underprivileged people and people living in remote regions of Taiwan. The team from Chi Nan University, on the other hand, has been focusing on a raft of environmental concerns currently facing local communities. Also in attendance at the event was a member of the Ministry of Education's University Social Responsibility Center, Chiang Fu-chen.

Aside from providing a platform for students and teachers to take part in exchange and cooperation, the event also offered an opportunity for attendees to expand the scope of issues tackled under the USR program, and to discuss practical methods for solving community problems in the future.

In a speech made at the opening of the event, TKU Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the USR Office, Dr. Chii-Dong Ho, pointed to the inroads made by Tamkang University in recent years, helping to care for and improve the local Tamsui community.