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TKU Sets Up a Residential College on the Tamsui Campus

Date 2018-10-12 5079 Clicks

Given the marked success of the Lanyang Campus residential college, the dormitory at the Tamsui Campus has now been transformed into a residential college in a similar mold to that of the Lanyang Campus.

On the morning of Oct 12, 2018, a ceremony to signify the opening of the new residential college was held at the TKU Tamsui Campus. The ceremony kicked off with a speech by the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Chun-Hung Lin, and was followed by remarks from the President of TKU, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, who hosted the event.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by each of the TKU vice presidents, as well as first-tier chairs and section chiefs from TKU academic and administrative units, and the chairperson and general manager of the construction company that built the residential college.

After a series of speeches, Dean Lin took the guests on a tour of the college's facilities.