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A Collaborative Project with AWS to Train Tamkang Students in Cloud Computing

Date 2018-10-08 4722 Clicks

On the morning of Aug 8, 2018, Huang Bi-Yu, the Deputy Director of the Economic Development Department, New Taipei City, along with Hsieh Chiah-Nan, a manager from Amazon Web Services (AWS) paid a visit to the Tamkang University Tamsui Campus, where they met with the university President, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, to discuss the AWS Job Training Initiative.

Under the Initiative, the establishment of a new "Cyber Campus" has been drafted, which will see certified teachers instructing students from various TKU colleges. The objective is to nourish talent in the field of cloud computing, to lay a sturdy foundation for the future of the industry, and generate an abundance of human capital.

During President Keh's opening remarks, he noted that the cyber landscape is advancing by the day. Using cloud services will assist enterprises in reducing costs and increasing human productivity, he added. Cloud computing already represents a major trend in information technology, so allowing students to learn about it as early as possible can only give them a strong footing when entering the workforce.

Deputy Director Huang stated that, in August this year, the New Taipei City Government partnered with Amazon to establish the New Taipei City/Amazon AWS Joint Innovation Center, located in the Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park. The new Taipei City Government hopes that by encouraging students to enter the field of cloud computing, it can help spur capital investment, gain access to consultancy resources in the business sector, enhance the standard of technology in the cloud computing industry, and train up local graduates, in the hope of eventually filling the demand for cloud computing personnel among enterprises. It's a collaboration between universities, the government, and the business sector, she explained, utilizing a comprehensive system that will hasten the time it takes to set up a business, increase the clip of industry development, and jump start digital transformation.