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Tamkang's Fifth Wave – Challenges to Higher Education in the New Age.

Date 2018-10-13 4194 Clicks

Each year, Tamkang University holds the TKU Symposium on Teaching and Administrative Reform. The Symposium serves as a platform, allowing TKU to consistently pursue a standard of excellence, change course and innovate when necessary, follow a path of sustainable development, and uphold its legacy of greatness. The Symposium this year was hosted by the President of Tamkang University, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, and was attended by the Chairperson of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang (former President of TKU).

In her opening remarks, Dr. Chang pointed out that the Symposium on Teaching and Administrative Reform is now an annual tradition that was established by the founder of Tamkang University, the late Clement C.P. Chang. It's a forum that brings together the entire body of faculty and staff, allowing Tamkang employees the chance to collectively steer the direction of the university's development. This year's Symposium consisted of two unique features, Dr. Chang noted. Firstly, it was held at the newly-built Shou Chien International Conference Hall, with an incredibly spacious interior that allowed even more TKU employees to attend. Secondly, this year Tamkang officially entered its "fifth wave of development", helmed by a new president, Dr. Keh, and a new Chairperson, Dr. Chang herself.

The event also included a speech from President Keh, who spoke of the raft of new challenges facing higher education institutes today. Subsequently, another speech was delivered by a special guest to the Symposium, the President of Feng Chia University, Dr. Bing-Jean Lee. In keeping with the theme of this year's symposium – challenges to higher education – Dr. Lee outlined the various barriers to growth currently faced by all universities, including a dearth of new students due to the dwindling birth rate, an excess of universities, and a lack of educational resources from which to draw.

The event featured briefings by each of the three TKU vice presidents, and concluded with final remarks delivered by the Chairperson of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang.