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The 7th National Wind Engineering Conference

Date 2018-10-22 3652 Clicks

On Oct 19, 2018, the Tamkang University Shou-Chien International Conference Center was home to the 7th National Wind Engineering Conference. The Conference was organized jointly by the TKU Department of Civil Engineering and the Wind Engineering Research Center, with assistance from the Chinese Taiwan Association for Wind Engineering and Cheetah Industrial Aero-Dyna. Tech Co., Ltd. During the Conference, discussion centered on various aspects of wind-resilient designs, which are required in the development of alternative energy sources, a top priority for Taiwan at the moment. The latest research findings were also presented on topics related to architectural design, building components, and solar panels, elements used to mitigate the effects of common wind-related disasters, such as typhoons.

The opening ceremony of the event was hosted by the President of Tamkang University, Dr. Huan-Chao Keh, who began his speech by welcoming the Chairperson of the Chinese Taiwan Association for Wind Engineering, Hsiao Bao-Yi, as well as the keynote speakers and special guests of the Conference: Prof. Xu You-Lin, from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, and Prof. Lin Zi-ping from the Department of Architecture, Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

President Keh noted that in the last several years, extreme weather conditions and wind-based disasters have swept across the globe, wreaking havoc and generating widespread damage. He expressed his hope that by coming together to exchange expertise and discuss general advancements in wind technology, the Conference could serve as a platform for improvement, a portal for the development of technology that could ultimately save lives and prevent damage.

In related news, on Oct 18 an opening ceremony for "Wind Engineering Week" was held, which marks the start of a series of Wind Engineering activities designed to coincide with TKU's 68th Anniversary celebrations.